Monday, May 4, 2015


I've often said the best day of my life was the day zac was born.  I stick with that however things have been rough the last 4 years.  He never adjusted to the divorce well and had an even harder time when his mom and I began serious relationships.  While mine lasted only 3 years, his mom's has been going on for 7 years.

He recently moved her and the kids 25 miles away from where they've lived their whole life and into a totally different situation.  That kicked things into overdrive between zac and me.  it culminated with him telling his mom he wanted to live with me ft.

She didn't take that well.  She screamed at him, branished the custody agreement in front of him and told him to get a lawyer and sue her.  As you can imagine this sent him in a downward spiral that culminated with me calling the police after he refused to let me know what was in his pockets after I had caught him lying about where he was.

So he hasn't lived here for several months.  today I called him and invited him to coffee.  He refused and when I asked him where he was he said "none of your fucking bussiness" and hung up.

As you can imagine I am upset.  I let his mom know and she said that was perfectly acceptable and his is a nice boy.

So the question is, should I just let this go or continue.

I texted him that he had upset me and I wanted an apology.  The only thing I can do to punish him is take away his school.  He still goes to school in my neighborhood using my address not his mothers' suburban one.

I am strongly considering telling the school he doesn't live here anymore if he does not apoligize.

I want to let him know that there are consequences to bad behavior.  I think this is the best way to do that but I am not sure.  I wish i could know what's right.  parenting is so difficutl.

here it is

in the abscence of fb this is where I will talk about music, my kids, and my job search.

come back soon!